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About Our Company

Rockland Research Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of high pressure experimentation equipment tailored to custom applications for research in the fields of minerology, geology and petrology.

Walker Multi-Anvil cut-away
Rockland Research Corporation is an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality equipment for high pressure R&D. Our offerings include a complete line of hydraulic presses and piston-cylinder systems, and we are the original supplier of the Walker multi-anvil apparatus for experiments at pressures as high as 250 kbar.
A more recent product is a unique cubic anvil apparatus for the processing of large samples up to 60 kbar. Rockland has provided "turn key" as well as custom designed high pressure equipment to academic, government and industrial laboratories around the world for research in geology, chemistry, physics and the materials sciences.
The Walker Multi-Anvil (shown here cut away for clarity) is one of our most popular high pressure experimentation instruments.  The configuration of the multiple anvils in the split cylinder arrangement concentrates the pressure at the center of the octahedral sample assembly.  This exact instrument is on display at the Smithsonian Institution's Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals at the National Museum of Natural History.
Link to the High Pressure Laboratory at the Smithsonian National Museum of History

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Peter McNutt
Rockland Research Corporation
16 Tompkins Avenue
West Nyack, NY  10994
P:(845) 353-4686
F:(845) 358-9119

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Mr. Yu Yang
China Changchun M.P.M. Foreign Economic & Trade Co., Ltd.
No. 303 Nanchang Road
Changchun, China
P: 0431-88544917
F: 0431-88525306
M: 13904325734

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